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DIC Graphics (Thailand)

Company Profile:

In 1960, Thaiwattana Industrial Co.,Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 4 million Bath as a join-venture between DIC Japan and local Thai Company. This joint venture company established a factory at Ladphao as the first ink manufacturer in Thailand.

In 1964, DIC assumed the local company and later to support production expansion, a new factory was established at Minburi in 1980.

Each year, the company expanded and developed its operation and consolidated its position, marked by a steady increase in its registered capital, culminating in the Grand Opening of the new plant at Amata Nakorn in 2005. At present, the company's registered has increased to 637 million Baht.

With technical support from DIC Corporation and the worldwide DIC Group of companies, the new DIC Amata Plant has been designed and created, to have the largest production capacity among all printing ink for Southeast Asia and the Oceania region. In addition, the new DIC Amata Plant incorporates the Asia Oceania R&D laboratory for gravure ink and offset ink research.

As a member of the DIC Group, a leading multinational company manufacturing fine chemical, DIC Thailand is acutely aware of issues related to the environment, health and safety and of its responsibilities as a corporate citizen by working towards:

  1. Minimizing and reducing the environment impact from its activities.
  2. Lowering energy and resource consumption.
  3. Minimizing the generation of solid waste.
  4. Developing environment friendly products.Realizing a zero occupational accident frequency rate.
  5. Realizing a zero occupational accident frequency rate.
  6. Promoting communications with the local community.

Main product range offered by DIC Graphics (Thailand):
Offset Ink, News ink, Gravure Ink, Flexo Ink, Metal Ink, Adhesive, Pape Coating, UV, Pigments, Pallet, Functional Polymer, Industrial Tape, Liquid and Solid Compound.